What-if simulations

Learn how you can perform instant what-if simulations and forecasting using Microsoft Power BI. Inforiver allows you to:
(a) Simulate at the org level and proportionally allocate them to its constituent products and geographies (top-down simulations)
(b) Simulate at granular levels and roll changes to the top (bottom-up simulations)
(c) Perform simulations intuitively using a slider
(e) Perform simulations by appending increments in percentages (e.g. +10%, -3%)
(f) Perform simulations by appending scaled values (e.g. +40m, -3.4k)
(g) Run variance analysis instantly in a few clicks, and visualize them using in-built templates
(h) Create several versions of simulations for analysis
(i) Export the simulated data (to PDF or Excel)