With Inforiver, you can create plans & budgets in a few clicks. In this video, learn how you can

(a) Enter at the organizational level and proportionally allocate them to its constituent products and geographies (top-down allocations)

(b) Use various distribution options (such as driver-based or trend-based) to allocate high-level goals across business units, products, geographies, or time. E.g. costs to be allocated to various BUs based on headcount or sales.

(c) Enter absolute values, scaled values (e.g. 5k), or increments in numbers (e.g. +2k) or percentages (+7%)

(d) Export the entire data (to PDF or Excel)

Feature highlights

Input and edit data in Power BI

User guide

Budgeting & allocations


5 types of manual data entry options in your Power BI table/matrix

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