Cutting-edge data visualizations

Inforiver offers a wide range of one-click, in-cell visualizations with extensive customization options for business end users and one-click prebuilt business templates that are compliant with IBCS standards.

With Inforiver, you can

  • Incorporate sparklines, spark columns and their variants such as the win-loss trends to capture performance over time

  • Utilize different types of bullet charts, including the normalized bullet visualization (proposed by International Business Communication Standards)

  • Highlight distribution across categories using the stacked charts and waterfall visualizations

  • Track changes over time or with respect to benchmark by using dot plot, arrow plot, dumbbell plot & range plot charts

  • Deliver bar & lollipop/pin charts for highlighting the magnitude and significance

Feature highlights

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IBCS tables in Power BI

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Basic inline charts

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Visualizations and Data Analysis: Past, Present & Future

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