Comparative measures

Inforiver delivers in-built charting intelligence to manage measures better. Measure management is a feature that is unique to Inforiver. In the earlier versions, the product used 4 separate fields in the Power BI fields pane to capture data – AC, PY, PL and FC. Naturally, many users unfamiliar with IBCS standards had a confusing time assigning fields.

Currently, the comparative measure assignment is abstracted into Measure Management which is accessible through the toolbar menu. This ensures that casual users (who constitute more than 90% of Power BI users) do not have to learn about measure assignments or deal with the complexity of managing four different fields.

Watch the video to learn more about the multiple use cases that Inforiver covers, listed below:

(a) Visualize measures and variances using the IBCS standards in Power BI

(b) Split one measure into multiple measures with a time period without using any DAX formula in Power BI

(c) Create new measures in Power BI while using DirectQuery

(d) Comparison of multiple instances of different measures in Power BI

(e) Compare and visualize non-time-based data in Power BI


The need for better management of comparative measures in Power BI

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