Visual formulas vs DAX with Marco Russo

Gopal Krishnamurthy (CEO, Lumel - xViz, ValQ, Inforiver) and Reid Havens (Microsoft MVP) discuss and debate the new architecture approach adopted by Inforiver with Marco Russo as moderator. Marco has advocated for visual-level calculations with his blog, and Inforiver delivers these new capabilities to Power BI.

Join them as they use their unique industry backgrounds to provide perspectives on how Inforiver can be a smooth transition for Excel users to Power BI using a no-code visual-level calculation user experience. They also discuss how developers and business end users can benefit from features such as visual formulas, excel-like formatting, commenting, planning, paginated reports, and writeback.

Feature highlights

Visual calculations in Power BI

User guide

Adding business logic and formulae


Visual measures in Power BI: Why they are awesome and why every developer needs it

Excel-like MoM, QoQ, YoY % calculations in rows in Power BI

Insert calculated measure or column in Power BI

Calculate remaining budget in Power BI (without using DAX)

Implement SUM measure totals in Power BI (without using DAX)


Visual-level formula & calculations in Power BI

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