Overview of Inforiver Enterprise

Inforiver Enterprise offers advanced capabilities and supports four additional use cases compared to Premium Matrix: Advanced manual data input, Writeback, Report scheduling, and Collaborative commenting. This video provides a quick summary of these use cases.

(a) Advanced manual data input: Users can easily key in data, perform allocations, and writeback to databases

(b) Writeback: Users can save changes made to Power BI reports to cloud databases or shared folders

(c) Report scheduling: Users can schedule and deliver reports via email or shared folders, with custom scheduling frequencies and the ability to send specific sections of reports to specific recipients

(d) Collaborative commenting: Users can collaborate at a cell level, assign comments as tasks, track closure status, and enable public commenting through social media handles

Feature highlights

Input and edit data in Power BI

Commenting & collaboration in Power BI

Schedule, burst & broadcast Power BI reports

Writeback data and comments using Inforiver

User guide

Insert manual input columns

Commenting and collaboration

Scheduling reports

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