Graphical tables

Experience the fastest way to deliver insightful visualizations following IBCS standards
Bar charts (0:47)
Show the distribution of data within a set of categories or groups with Inforiver's bar charts
Lollipop charts (01:52)
Leverage lollipop charts instead of bar charts when there are a lot of categories
Waterfall charts (01:01)
Show the breakdown of the total change in a value, such as a financial metric using waterfall charts
Compare the performance of two measures with Inforiver's bullet charts that come with six variants
Utilise six variants of 3-value bullet charts for comparing 3 measures seamlessly
Stacked charts (01:02)
Highlight distribution across categories or composition over time using Inforiver's stacked charts
Sparkline charts (02:16)
Incorporate sparklines, spark columns, and their variants such as the win-loss trend to capture performance over time
Tornado charts (01:20)
Compare values across two segments or years using tornado charts
KPI cards (06:07)
Incorporate multi-value KPI cards as part of your table/matrix reports
Blend column (03:31)
Blend two measures in a single column along with formatting, including conditional formatting