One-click options

Inforiver Matrix offers a powerful one-click conditional formatting feature that allows data analysts and analytics professionals to quickly and easily highlight key insights in their data. With options such as quick rule, color scales, classifications, and data bars, users can apply a range of formatting styles to their data with just a single click.

  • The quick rule feature in Inforiver is designed to help identify positive and negative values in the data.

  • The color scale option allows for a range of color scales such as sequential, diverging, continuous types.

  • The classification option provides a powerful tool for those who want to classify values based on text, icon set or ratings.

  • Data bars can be used to insert colored bars inside a cell to show how a given cell value compares to others.

With these features, users can quickly identify trends and outliers in their data, making it easier to gain insights and make informed decisions.

In addition to these powerful formatting options, Inforiver Matrix allows users to preview any rule before applying it, ensuring that the final visualization is precisely what they need. For advanced users, the settings pane provides extensive customization options to highlight data in accordance with their specific analytics requirements.

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