Conditional formatting

Highlight specific performance areas using one-click options such as quick rule, color scales, classifications, and data bars
Format positive and negative numbers using colors and indicate negative values with "-" or "()"
Apply color scales such as sequential, qualitative, diverging in a single-click
Apply formatting to entire rows or row headers, based on your requirements
Apply traffic light icons based on predefined ranges and customize icons/colors
Highlights values with circle fill and star rating icons based on ranges, with custom options
Segmentation (02:27)
Perform analysis such as ABC analysis and create segments based on text, ratings or icon sets
Highlight top/bottom performers in reports with Inforiver's customizable conditional formatting
Apply different conditional formatting rules to different branches in a hierarchy
Learn to highlight different levels in a hierarchy based on rules without affecting totals
Highlight cells based on a dynamic cell selection
Easily apply conditional formatting based on IF conditions