Reorder and custom sort rows and columns in a few seconds, without resorting to DAX scripting or modelling workarounds
Layout options (01:29)
Leverage excel-like layouts such as classic, stepped & outline and show measures on rows or columns
With advanced filtering, filter values in each column as you can do in spreadsheets
Apply semantic formatting, color scales, segmentation, data bars and many more in a few clicks
Identify the most or least important categories using Inforiver's advanced Top/Bottom N + Others feature
Apply intelligent number formatting and scaling to your Power BI table/matrix reports
Edit font color, style, size, and text alignment in a cell, or apply formatting effects
Enhance your data stories with cell, row, column & report-level notes, footnotes & annotations
Manage row & column subtotals & grand totals the way you want in an intuitive & flexible manner
Leverage three types of quick-start business templates, each of which can be customized further
Pagination (00:52)
Build highly-formatted, interactive, no-code paginated reports in Power BI
Group specific rows or columns seamlessly in your Power BI table/matrix reports
Search & filter (01:33)
Focus on relevant data when there are a large number of records using search and filter
Manage row and column hierarchies with options such as expand or collapse to specified levels, descendants and more
KPI explorer (01:16)
Filter rows, columns and measures, sort by name or value and highlight row/column hierarchies using rules or ranges
Audit log (02:10)
Experience an interactive, filterable, exportable and comment-enabled audit log to track changes to your report
Export to Excel (01:30)
Export your Power BI table/matrix reports to spreadsheets effortlessly
Inforiver delivers the measure management feature to manage comparative measures easily
Leverage Inforiver to add measures or columns with image URLs & display them as an image in your Power BI reports
Ragged hierarchies (00:36)
Handle ragged hierarchies easily with Inforiver, without having to worry about blank rows