Quick insights & story telling

This interesting session between Gopal Krishnamurthy and Reid Havens encapsulates everything you need to know about the Inforiver Charts. Some of the key use cases covered include the
(a) Exploratory analysis with comprehensive drill-down, drill-up and drill-across navigation across dimensions. Works in small multiples mode as well.
(b) Storytelling and data-point annotations to tell compelling stories using dynamic data-level comments. Supports several options such as small multiples, vertical text orientation, dynamic data tags, and more.
(c) Multi-measure charts to build advanced visual layouts with your comparative and non-comparative measures with the right visualizations in one click. Automatic variances for the prior year, budget and forecast data are calculated.
(d) Advanced small multiples/trellis to Analyze trends across various data categories in one click with highly responsive layouts and context based titles, analytics and comments.
(e) Small form factor (SFF) UX design allows usage of Inforiver Charts with applications across all devices including mobiles and tablets. It also maintains an optimal data-ink ratio for all types of visualizations.