Introducing Analytics+

Gopal Krishnamurthy (CEO, Lumel) and Reid Havens (Microsoft MVP) explore Lumel's new 3-in-1 no-code storytelling visual: Inforiver Analytics+.

They discuss consolidation into Power BI with Inforiver Analytics+ :

-> Migrating dashboards from other BI tools like Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik, Cognos, SAP Lumira, etc.

-> Transitioning from PowerPoint dashboards that use add-ons like Think-cell or Mekko Graphics.

Inforiver Analytics+ ships with advanced interactive charts like Waterfall, Boxplot, Marimekko, Bullet, and a range of storytelling charts. Gopal showcases exciting new features like the Hierarchical trellis, Measure-in-rows, Measure grouping, KPI card toolbar, Small multiple tables, and many more!

Watch the video to see Inforiver Analytics+ in action!

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